Interview with
Cat Jimenez and Anne Juren

This summer brings impressive choreographies

Cat Jimenez und Anne Juren curate the genres of dance and performance for the Kultursommer Wien 2022. In this interview, they tell us what they are particularly looking forward to and reveal what they still have in mind until the opening on 1 July — be ready for great event tips!

What characterizes your genre?       

Cat Jimenez (CJ): Our genre is quite a mix of „dance“ and what performance can be. Some pieces caress the soul, others challenge in a charming way. 

Anne Juren (AJ): Dance is an uncanny place of different encounters. Dance is never one dance but many. It’s always a collective adventure. Dance speaks to uncanny places and invents new worlds that are not easy to describe. Dance is performance, and performance is dance. Dance is an expanded practice, meaning it can speak to many people by inventing its own language. Dance performs but can also dance. Just get ready to be surprised. 

How do you go about selecting artists?

CJ: Selecting the artists was a multi-layered task. It’s a mixture of concrete criteria and abstract understanding of the feeling for the festival, while simultaneously picking up the impulse for urgent questions and issues that are throbbing in the air.  

AJ: Selection is never an easy task to do. Criteria are not a fixed thing. In a way, a part of the selection was logical in the sense of what could fit the festival. But also, we wanted to show how societal and political dance and performance are. They speak about society. Dance and performance are all around us. It is not an exclusive and elitist practice; it belongs to everyone. We think the festival shows that very well by presenting spectacles everywhere in Vienna and making art accessible to everyone.

What are you looking forward to at the 2022 Summer of Culture?

CJ: I’m really looking forward to the performances, but as a working artist, I’m also especially curious about the post-show time. The sitting together, the jams, and the conversations on the balmy summer evenings. 

AJ: Since many of the presented pieces will be premiered, made, or adapted for the festival, I am very curious to see them and accompany the artists in the Kultursommer adventure 2022. 

How do you bridge the gap until the Summer of Culture?

CJ: I will take a short vacation at the lakeside. But if I were here in Vienna, I would recommend attending the „ice cream Kiki Ball“ on June 18 presented by Kiki House Of Dive, jamming at Toytopia on Thursdays or Heldenplatz on Mondays, or at „a party called JACK“ at the club and randomly attending a performance at brut Wien.  


AJ: If I had been in Vienna in June, I would have seen following pieces: HYPERNURTURES by Liv Schellander art brutThe School of Mountains and Water by Amanda Piña, Noa & Snow – Poem #9 at Volkskundemuseum and Rebecca Schneider’s lecture Arts of Gesture in Lateral Time and Questions of Transmission at TQW.