30. Juni bis 13. August 2023
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Insekta, Snake and Jaguar

© Alfredo Ledesma Quintana



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Insekta, Snake and Jaguar
Alfredo Ledesma Quintana


Group Insekta, Snake and Jaguar are conducting music performance as sound and body movement, vocalization, gestures and interaction in natural ambient positioning the presence and action as communication music intersecting with surrounding sounds of the landscape.

Journey to the Islands of utopia brings us in the search for the real and imaginary places as meeting points to rethinking the world strategies of coexistence, mutual aid, and self-organization which determines our collective autonomy and individual freedom.

Considering utopia as a commonly shared idea, it is important to distinguish the ambivalence of its nature depending on the interpreter’s intentions coming from both sides of the oppressor and the one who is oppressed. Colonial and imperialistic powers always seek to find and create the myth of promised land (ie Eldorado) by conquering spiritual and material space to overthrow civilizations dominated by the authorities and brought to their own extinction.

Representing multiculturality within the role of benefactors, such structures are methodically presenting the power of Western society dominating over inferior communities which are considered to be foreign, exotic, barbaric, different, and alienated and therefore should be preserved. Emphasizing such positions, terminology of utopia can be observed as the construct of European perception, which is a matter of debate among today’s thinkers and philosophies of anarchism coming from the worldwide non-mainstream scene discussing the topics of the marginalized minorities related to the class, gender, race and ethnic inequalities in the society.

Resistance to such implementations of the shapeshifting capitalistic system comes in many different ways creating underground allies of cooperative networks protecting human dignity, natural environment, cultural landscape, and re-imagining evolutionary tactics for future ecologies.

This performance talks about such self-organized entities coming from different geopolitical circumstances but fighting for the same cause in constructing living arrangements that uphold non-hierarchical relationships, determined to reclaim the space as common ground for all.

Each of these communities has a certain vision of how society should function and relies on imaginative futuristic ideas that shape its environment and create its own reality. Such subcultures and countercultures require a change in living conditions, the search for new spaces and opportunities, and then provide non-standard and innovative impulses, thus creating islands of utopia.

Concept: Marko Marković
Artists: Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Marko Marković, Kasho Chualan
Name of the group: Insekta, Snake and Jaguar