30. Juni bis 13. August 2023
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Team Balsam

© Tamara Kanfer

Performance, BIPoC, Unapologetic


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Deeper Resolution
Team Balsam
Performance, BIPoC, Unapologetic
Tamara Kanfer

Deeper Resolution

This performance is not made for you. It is rather made for us.
In the last few weeks the BIPOC performers where sharing, discussing, exchanging their thoughts. Existing as a BIPOC person in a white society brings up many mutual experiences.
“Deeper Resolution” is rather process-oriented, than focusing on the outcome. The performers will move freely within a frame of three questions:
What/ Who connects us?
What/ Who separates us?
What/ Who do we need?
In last year´s Kultursommer Wien the performance was a first draft into the expression of Team Balsam. Using this as a base, the performers will now dig even deeper and will present their inner world on another level and therefore will be able to showcase different aspects of their urge to speak up. 
3 groups of 3 dancers will each be performing 15 minutes, where they use the stage to express themselves unapologetically with words and their individual body language.
All Vienna based performers have a different dance background and therefore shine with their own specialty.
Concept & Choreography: Karin Cheng & Farah Deen
Dance: Emily Chychy Joost, Shereen Deen, Lydia Uroko, Keni Bakilam Nsangong, Anna Gaberscik, Caroline Leyva Rodriguez, Debbie Galias, Genet Glass, Nici Sambou, Soraya Dyndocky