30. Juni bis 13. August 2023
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Alex Bailey & Julia Hartig

© Frank Möllenberg

Performance, Dissonance, LGBTQIA+

30. März 2023 / 6:45 /
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Transmissions: The Weak Method
Alex Bailey & Julia Hartig
Performance, Dissonance, LGBTQIA+
Kinderprogramm ja/nein
Frank Möllenberg

Transmissions: The Weak Method

„The weak method“ is a corrupt method. It breaks signification and lingers in the signifying gaps. It embraces futility, incompleteness, glitches, inconsistency, boredom & dissonance. A town without weather, a room with our doors, a dance without the body. A dance that happens in a place and time different than where and when it takes place. A house that can be thrown out of one window.

Weakness embeds strength and is embedded in strength. But it needs to be affirmed in order to break the dichotomy. In this performative collaboration between Julia Hartig & Alex Bailey, it starts from singing together in a choir. It involves practicing dissonance between their voices & the polyphonic capacities for transformation of sound made by voice. Julia, a drummer & somatic practitioner will introduce force, rhythm & a structure of apprehension. Alex, a storyteller of small observations at a glacial pace will commit to transparency and poetry. Both will make sound.

The title for this performance was discovered from the recollections of Alina Popa’s Texts, Notes, drawings while participating In Jennifer Lacy’s 2015 implustanz workshop, also from the same name. Decided upon while listening to the Album Transmissions of Beverly Glenn-Copeland.

Alex Bailey is an artist & performer. He is currently participating in Parasol a TQW dance company, working with Ian Kaler & Alix Eynaudi. Since 2014, in collaboration with Krõõt Juurak he has made Performances for Pets an evolving series of interspecies performances for cats, dogs & their humans companions.

Julia Hartig is a somatic bodyworker and a performance and dance artist.
She plays drums and sings in the punk-duo Spaßbad. Since 2018 she is making pieces about aspects of patriarchal capitalism together with Teresa Fellinger in the performance duo chi-mashie.