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Jaskaran Anand

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© Atila Vadoc/frame out film festival

Performance, Trust, LGBTQIA+

9. Juli 2022 / 18:30―19:30 / 23. Meischlgasse
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instrumental, deutsch, englisch
Distant Communicators
Jaskaran Anand
Performance, Trust, LGBTQIA+
Atila Vadoc/frame out film festival

Distant Communicators

“How does one perceive/define relationship(s)? How does space change the transcript of what one observes in the relationship of oneself and of the others? Where does the architecture metaphorically representing traditional structures play a role in forming a new wave of perceiving a relationship?

The venue/stage is set up with various clothing options for the performers. The audience communicates at a distance. How do different kind of clothes shape our understanding? What role does distance play in communication? Where does privacy stand in distant communication? Some similar questions are present in the audience area.

The performative-intervention series includes 3-4 events of various constellations. Different elements are present in different venues like music, dance, collective meditation, and distant participation. The series establishes reflecting spaces of the meetings and the journey of human bodies and sometimes instrumental bodies re-exploring certain form of intimacy and the learnt structured improvisation choreographic material. The choreography is re-shaped due to space, and the team available on that date (2 dancers; 2 dancers + 1 musician + 1 instrumental body; and 2 dancers + 2 musicians + 2 instrumental bodies).
In all parts of the series, the public manifests a personal transcript via artistic tools like drawing. Without any judgement towards what the results would be; we encourage the audience to dive deep into the emerging narratives they observe, capture their essence in any available ways, get carried away in their thoughts or participate and interact with the performers.
Between segregation and justifications of forming relatedness, the distant communicators series (DC) focuses on how communication is altered when there are constraints between people, especially between performers and audience in a previously thought participatory intervention.
DC is an adaptation of L-INKED in open spaces/The Transcription (appearing in disappearance) which deals with topics of love, desire, intimacy and relationships. It explores the disappearance of the trained self and disappearing of the physical elements. Like a trained dancer’s body disappears to express the emotions, the music in open air floats with the particles of the air, and the architecture/space merges & re/creates a scenery.
The proposed intervention DC establishes itself on the journey of unravelling intimacy and care towards each other; revealing that the desire of touch is not a one-person desire but two or more, who are involved in the action perceived as an intimate one. The work focuses on how different cultures & traditions hold a significance for people to perceive & interpret the moving bodies that are in a “relationship”.

Idea, Concept, choreography and direction Jaskaran Anand
performance together with Simona Štangová, Tomáš Novák, Laura Pudelek
dramaturgy together with Robert Steijn
mediation and consultancy with Karin Schneider
production assistance Julia Del Rio
PR and Social Media Lucia Rossi

The adaptation from L-INKED/L-INKED in open spaces – a co-production by Jaskaran Anand, trivium and brut wien supported by Stadtlinz Kultur, Land Kultur OÖ , BMKÖS – Frisch Luft (L-INKED in open space), with further cooperation of Lange Nacht der Buhnen Linz, RedSapata Tanzfabrik Linz , Calle Libre Street Art Festival/MQ Wien and Gesellschaft für Kulturpolitik OÖ