30. Juni bis 13. August 2023
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RnB/Soul, Queer, Freedom, Pain


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RnB/Soul, Queer, Freedom, Pain
Iwana Sudimac


Describing her music as chameleonic might sound mystifying at first but taking a closer look into the artists roots you will quickly realize that owning your identity while giving yourself enough space to be as diverse as possible is very important to W1ZE.

“Accepting yourself is the hardest yet the most crucial step after that the rest will follow”, the singer proclaims. Being able to experience pain and create something beautiful out of it is a blessing she is thankful for every day.
She draws most of her lyrical inspirations from her life and the lessons she learns along the way, whether good or bad. W1ZE wants to make sure that her audience can relate to her not only on a personal level, but also wants to reciprocate that very same feeling of freedom she has with music.
In a world full of challenges, W1ZE challenges her listeners to be nothing else but themselves.

Even though becoming a singer let alone an artist wasn’t on her moodboard yet, W1ZE always knew that she had a special bond to music that allowed her to feel a certain sense of freedom while singing and it has now blossomed into her reality. From performing with her brother Jonathan Wise also known as Mfanakithi in their living room to releasing their first song together “Bye”, which also features on the artists latest EP Down Low, produced by Maximilian Walch and Jonas Haslauer and co-produced by Elias Stejskal to perform along side other local artists like Christoh who has also been a part of the queens journey and love for music.
This time W1ZE shares the stage with not only Mfanakithi (Guitar), Jonas Haslauer (Keys) and Lukas Handlbauer (Drums) but also DJ Zola, one of Viennas hottest upcoming female DJ’s who is as well a voice for the African Community in Austria. W1ZE invites her audience to experience the strength of diversity in performance with stories of queer experience.