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W1ZE & The Cutie P1ze

Dance Pop
Samstag, 12. August 2023
20:00 – 21:00
Meischlgasse 1230
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Sprache: englisch
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W1ZE & The Cutie P1ze

Dance Pop

The young Zimbabwean has come to show us that you don't have to conform to the norms of others, but your own. Creativity has always been a part of the young artists life, from her love of cooking to a career in music. Although becoming a singer, let alone an artist wasn't on the agenda yet, W1ZE always knew that she had a special connection to music that always gave her a certain sense of freedom when she sang. Her chameleon-like sound landed her a contract with Sony Music in 2019, where she broke her way through as a newcomer and even headlined one of Vienna's most popular summer festivals, which generated a lot of local and international interest in the artist.
Her debut EP was nominated for Best Sound at the 2022 Austrian Amadeus Awards and in 2023 she was nominated again, this time for the FM4 Award. W1ZE strives to own her own identity, but at the same time she gives herself enough room to be as diverse as possible. With a mix of Zimbabwean and German roots, growing up has always been a journey of self-discovery but she has managed to feel so comfortable in her art that it reflects her identity perfectly. When she is not in the studio, she can be found writing and working on her texts. The opportunity to experience pain and create something beautiful out of it is a blessing for which she is grateful for everyday.

Das Vereinslokal des ASK Erlaa, Torpedo 03, schmeißt an diesem Abend den Grill an. Auf der Speisekarte stehen Bratwürstel, Käsekrainer und andere Snacks.

Jonas Haslauer (they/them) - Keys
Daniel Semmelrock (they/them) - Drums
Sarah Kofranek (they/them) - DJ
Luí Matias dos Santos (he/they) - Bass guitarist / Backing vocals
Sakura Katsuura Chow (they/them)- Rhythm guitarist/ backing Vocals
Joe Traxler (he/him) - Lead Guitarist/ Backing Vocals
Graham Wise (she/them) - Lead Vocals

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